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Debra J Farber

Sr. Director, Privacy Strategy
Denver, CO
I'm a data privacy & security geek who has been in the field for over 14 years. I have a passion for this industry and enjoy evangelizing the profession. I co-founded Women in Security & Privacy (WISP), a SF Bay Area-based non-profit project. While I have a law degree, I've spent my entire career operationalizing privacy and security for large organizations, startups, and government agencies. Now, I focus my work on privacy & security industry, product, & policy strategy. I'm also a hacking n00b, and I'm really enjoying hacking so far! I love to geek out over: privacy issues presented by modern tech & new business use cases, GDPR and other legislative and policy drivers, privacy enhancing technologies, RegTech, IoT, ML/AI & ethics, cybersecurity, strategy, cybercrime, biometrics, bug bounty programs, hacking, and social media.